How to Get Nudes

How to Get Nudes

how to get nudes

Let's just be honest: Naked teenagers images is fucking awesome. Swapping naked pics is not only a fantastic way to build sexual anticipation, but it can make your boring workday a lot more exciting (as long as your screen is not visible to your colleagues). There's nothing like a hot pic from someone you're crushing on to help you fill out those tedious daily reports.


But initiating the sending of nudes can seem daunting. How do you ask for nudes from your crush without sounding like a creep? "Hi, you look hot; please send me your naked picture" is one of the least attractive things your crush will want to hear. Besides, girls don't like needy men who can't go days without asking for a nude picture. It's a complete turn-off and honestly guaranteed unsuccessful.


That being said, it's not an impossible task. The secret to getting a girl to send you that titty is understanding the dynamics and determining her motivations. If you want your girl to send her naked pictures without appearing like a creep, this article is for you.


Tips to get erotic teens to send you their dirty pics

Form a bond of trust

There are a lot of risks when sending nudes. If the pic leaks, it could lead to total humiliation. There could even be professional repercussions. That's the reason the first step to successfully getting nudes from a girl is forming a bond of trust with her.


To ensure that erotic teens trust you, avoid using shortcuts because if they chance to know, it could damage that trust, and you will get ghosted. Being trustworthy reassures them that you're honest and have no bad intentions with their dirty pics. Therefore, your girl won't have to worry about sending you her pussy.

Some of the things to help you build trust with erotic beauties include:

  • Talking about yourself
  • Sharing your past with her
  • Watch porn with her, for example anal sex with MILF
  • Showing her your vulnerable side
  • Finding common interests

Make her feel super-hot

A woman who knows her worth won't send her nudes to any random guy. Instead, she prefers sending nude pics to that guy who makes her feel super-hot. If you want your girl to send you her nudes, you must be more appreciative. Tell her how attractive she is to you and that your dream is to be with her.

Text her a compliment when she uploads a hot picture on her Instagram account. In fact, if she sends you a hot picture (bonus if she is partially dressed), don't let that opportunity slip. Slide to her DM and immediately respond to her, informing her that she is affecting you both physically and emotionally. No one's gonna send a dirty pic to someone who isn't interested.


Be appreciative whenever she sends you a nude

If a woman sends you a racy pic, the last thing you want is to go mute. That's a surefire way to get her never to want to send you nude pictures again. It shows her that you are egocentric and no woman wants such a man. She sacrificed her time, took a dirty pic, and sent it to you. Acting cold means you don't find her attractive, and it's every woman's worst nightmare.


Don't ask directly for nudes

Women dislike the idea of a man asking for their nude photos; it's awkward and a bit cringy. Instead, pay attention when she is in a subtle mood of sending you a pic and use it as an advantage to get some nudes. Don't ask, "Could you please send me a sexy photo?" Send her texts like, "It's hard to admit, but you won. I can resist looking at your photos because you are amazing. I would love to see more of you".


Follow her cues

Women aren't meek, submissive people with no sexual feelings. They are just as horny as men, if not hornier at times. Given that, some girls will try to drop hints that they are in the mood for sexting and dirty talk. She'll tell you how hot it is in her room and what she is wearing.


Your job here is to be keen and wise. Don't focus on the weather when your girl tells you she is topless because of the heat! Don't be dumb! Instead, use it as a perfect opportunity to take things to the next level.


Get her into the mood

Going straight in asking for nudes can be a real challenge, especially if your girl isn't in the mood. You want to get her mind running so you can both be open to swapping raunchy pictures. This is difficult to achieve, especially if your woman has had a tedious day at work or is not in the mood.


Work your way up slowly and get her back in the mood by reminding her of the best sexy times you've had together. Shared intimacy is a perfect way to get things kicking, and it works if you go slow. Being too aggressive will pressure her, making things even more complicated. Instead, be gentle and start with a compliment telling her you can't stop thinking about her.

That's a real mood changer and can get her attention to what you have to say. Talk about the sweet moments you shared and how your thoughts of being with her distract you from your daily chores. When she's finally ready, you'll be sexting and sending each other dirty pics in no time.


Understand not all women are into nudes

Girls have perfections – what a shocker. While some girls enjoy taking nude pics and sending them to their guys, others cannot even fathom the thought. The secret here is understanding what your woman likes. If your woman likes sending you her nudes, good for you. If she's not into it, don't pressure her into doing something she doesn't like.


Make sure she is comfortable

No matter how close you are to a girl, she has to be comfortable with you before sending you her ass. Timing is, therefore, very crucial. She has to feel good about herself and confident about her looks to send you that naked photo. So, it's best not to ask for a titty when you can feel she is feeling insecure about herself.


You also need to confirm she is in a comfortable place to send you those pics. You can't expect your girl to send you dirty pictures while she is in the middle of her family gathering. But if she is in her bed alone, the odds of her swapping a nude are much more promising. n


Don't use the wrong emojis

It's not funny, and it's not cute. An eggplant or a water drop emoji? We are not in 2017 when these unsolicited emojis worked miracles in getting nudes. Unless you have been talking dirty for ages, no one will get prompted to send you her nudes by just seeing those emojis! Instead, you will make her cringe. If you want your crush to send you nudes, use those flirty, naughty, safe emojis to arouse her.


Sext Regularly

If you don't know what sexting is, it refers to sending adult text messages, and it's a secret to getting naked teenagers' images. You can instigate sexy with your crush to get the ball rolling. It's the ideal way to get her to share her nudes while at the same time building sexual tension between you. Describe how you are going to kiss her and how you will move your hands down her body.


While the messages are flying back and forth between you both and the dirty talk gets more erotic, swapping a dirty pic becomes a natural thing. Playing it this way will compel her to send you those pics without realizing what they are doing.


Ask for her regular photos

If you want your woman to send you dirty pics, she must feel good about sharing them. And how do you make her feel good to trigger her to swap the pics? Ask for her to send you her normal pictures first. It's sweet and calm. And a perfect setting to get her to share her ass as she warms up toward you.


Understand what turns her on

Your woman isn't going to send you her dirty pics midway when talking about her paper. You need to do your homework to get racy photos from your woman. Understanding what makes them tick and what turns them on is necessary if you're trying to get something dirty from them. It might sound a little deceitful, but it's completely okay in love and nude photography.


Even if you want to send her your dirty pictures, you must ensure that she is in the right horny mindset, so understanding what ticks them is critical. Knowing what turns them on, you can send her naughty pics and motivate her to reciprocate.


What NOT to do when asking erotic beauties for their nudes

Do not:

  1. Send her your nudes in the hope she reciprocates
  2. Persist on asking for nudes when they say no. A no means a no!
  3. Joke about sharing her nudes with your friends
  4. Randomly send texts like "I need to see your boobies."
  5. Ramp up the naughty conversation when she's not enjoying it or reciprocating


And there you have it: if you've been, if you have been straining your ass wondering how you will get nudes from a girl, then you probably know that you are not alone. No matter how difficult it might seem, using the above guidelines will improve your chances of getting that naked photo of your woman on your screen.

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